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Capturing Moments in Canada's Rockies

Wildlife encounters caught on video while out hiking and sightseeing in Canada's beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Grizzly Bear
(Ursus arctos)

Grizzly Bears range in small numbers in Alaska and western Canada as well as eastern Siberia and Hokkaido, and from western Europe and Palestine to the Himalayan region, and possibly the Atlas Mountains of northwest Africa.

Wildlife Icons In Canada's Rocky Mountains

The Canadian Rocky Mountains boast some of the best Wildlife Viewing in the World. The Rocky Mountains are home to an exciting array of mammals and birds. Most commonly seen are Elk, Bighorn Sheep and Deer. The more elusive Bear, Mountain Goats, Wolves and Moose can be found in Canada's Rockies more easily at specific times of the year. Even more rare sightings of Mountain Lion, Lynx and Wolverine are experienced typically by chance of those who spend a significant amount of time exploring Canada's Outdoors.

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Injured Moose in Defense Mode Stays in the River for over 5 Hours

Injured Moose in Defense Mode Stays in the River for over 5 Hours

Injured Moose in Defense Mode Stays in the River for over 5 Hours. Thank you for your patience with the pulsing at the end.. it was very dark and the camera had trouble with the rain.

The Bighorn Sheep Rut 2022

The Bighorn Sheep Rut 2022

The Bighorn Sheep Rut of 2022. Some awesome Rams and beautiful Ewes were all in fine form during this Year's Bighorn Rutting Season.

Big Elk Bulls Anxious to Shed their Antlers

Big Elk Bulls Anxious to Shed their Antlers

Big Elk Bulls Anxious to Shed their Antlers and start re-growth right away for the next Elk Rutting Season. This is the time of year that the larger Bulls begin shedding their antlers. Younger Elk Bulls may shed their months from now.

Loving River Otter Family Makes an Appearance

Loving River Otter Family Makes an Appearance

A rare sighting of a Loving River Otter Family was a wonderful surprise recently. Rivers Otters are coming back in Canada's Rockies, but it is still quite rare to come across them. This looked like 4 fully grown adults of possibly the same family.

Biggest Elk Bull Bugles During the Rut - The Sheriff

Biggest Elk Bull Bugles During the Rut - The Sheriff

Biggest Elk Bull Bugles During the Rut - The Sheriff.

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Wildlife on Video - A Magnificent Elk Bull being very active during the Rut in the Canadian Rockies. This Elk rut video is part 2 of 2 of this Bull and his harem as aggression and herding instincts are very high.

Wildlife on Video - In nature with Canadian Rocky Mountain Bighorn Rams fighting during their rutting season. We were very lucky to witness this Epic Battle between two very gifted Bighorn Rams.

Wildlife on Video - These Bighorn Rams in their rutting season were triggered into a Headbutting battle we were lucky enough to capture. All in their Prime, three Rams fighting eventually turned into four, with the attraction seeming to be the sound of other Rams headbutting. We are showing the highlights here, which is almost all headbutting of one of the most incredible Wildlife days in the Canadian Rockies for us. This is with original sound.. we hope you can appreciate why we left it as is, including it's faults.

Wildlife on Video - Elk Bull Fights are numerous during the Rut in Canada's Rockies, but this one was especially striking. Here is a close look at the Largest Elk Bull in this area.. first, a couple clips over the last month, before today's marathon fight with this younger rival. The younger rival has not been stressed near as much during the height of the rutting season, and clearly had the stamina to outlast one of this areas most dominant bulls today. The Bull that conceded defeat today has been the most dominant elk bull in this area now for years. This well known King has had to battle and run off rival bulls on almost a daily basis over the last month and a half, of which shows athleticism and genetics that are extremely rare. We suspect he decided it was more important to preserve his energy as very few cows remain in estrus. He did sustain some injuries here, but will likely be back to fight another day.

Wildlife on Video - Bighorn Rams Fighting for Mating rights During the Bighorn Sheep Rut. The larger Bighorns with superior genetics are able to battle like this for quite a long time during the bighorn sheep mating season. Several larger Rams are seen here battling for the right to mate on this day.

Wildlife on Video - We were lucky to witness this huge bull courting a receptive cow during the Moose Rut. The active peak of rutting season for moose is generally the first two weeks of October. Farther North in the hemisphere is earlier as South is a bit later. Moose bulls may court cows for several days during their mating season. The largest and heaviest of the Deer family can often be seen in groups during this time, with both Bulls and Cows potentially competing for mates. Moose Bulls will chase off or even fight rivals for mating rights, while cows that occupy the same area may also chase each other away from a favorite bull moose. You can hear some vocalizations between the bull and cow along with seeing some very rare behavior in these gentle giants.

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Viewing Wildlife in their natural habitat can be very exhilarating. Let's keep the chance of wildlife encounters existent for future generations.

Wildlife on Video


Fiercely protective, Grizzly mothers with cubs often seek out higher elevations to avoid confrontation.

Grizzly Mothers and Cubs