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Bone Crunching Bear ASMR

This very Big Male Black Bear made quick work of a Bone he came across. For those who like this, we turned up the gain to add fun to this potential Bear Crunching ASMR.

What do Black Bears Eat just out of Hibernation?

This is our first Black Bear sighting in 2019. A large Male just out of Hibernation in mid-April. While Black bears will eat almost anything available, most of their food is plant material, with favorites including blueberries, buffalo berries, strawberries, elderberries, Saskatoon berries, black cherries, and apples where available. Just out of hibernation, along with grasses, many types of less preferred berries are eaten, with Black bears efficiently able to consume up to 30,000 in just one day. Berry seeds pass through the Bear's digestive tract unbroken and able to germinate, making black bears important seed dispersers. Each spring and summer, they spread the seeds of their favorite berries all over their home ranges.

Bear Cub Cuteness

Each Day in the Mountains, Nature provides Moments of Magic. Here are a few Magical Moments with tiny Bear Cubs.

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