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Epic Canadian Rockies Bighorn Ram Battle

In nature with Canadian Rocky Mountain Bighorn Rams fighting during their rutting season. We were very lucky to witness this Epic Battle between two very gifted Bighorn Rams.

Bighorn Headbutting Battle in Canada's Rockies

These Bighorn Rams in their rutting season were triggered into a Headbutting battle we were lucky enough to capture. All in their Prime, three Rams fighting eventually turned into four, with the attraction seeming to be the sound of other Rams headbutting. We are showing the highlights here, which is almost all headbutting of one of the most incredible Wildlife days in the Canadian Rockies for us. This is with original sound.. we hope you can appreciate why we left it as is, including it's faults.

Bighorn Rutting Season Begins in Canada's Rockies

Bighorn Sheep Rutting Season Begins in Canada's Rockies. Even young Rams become naturally more aggressive during this crucial time. Typically, one large Male will battle to dominate and protect his females from predators and other males.

The Bighorn Rut is Coming

The Bighorn Sheep Rut is just around the corner! Here is a taste of some favorite Bighorn Ram, Ewe and Lamb moments as we anticipate being able to share many more new memories very shortly. You can view Rams kicking(taunting), flehmen response, head butting and fighting, pursuing and blocking ewes, as well as some newborn Lambs working on their mountain climbing skills in this video.

Bighorn Sheep Boss Receives a Challenger During the Rutting Season

A Younger Energetic Bighorn Ram showed up yesterday to Challenge this Areas' Bighorn Boss for Dominance. While Bighorn Rams are not shy about displaying their dominance, they are quite intelligent with calculating the effort needed to brush off a new Challenge to their mating rights. They can be very patient with harassment before committing fully into a dangerous Headbutting battle. If Ram battles are very long, they often attract attention from any nearby predators as it is common for exhaustion or injuries to create an opportunity. The loud noise generated by the head butting can echo quite far in Canada's Rocky Mountain valleys. This Ram battle took place at dusk with tricky lighting and very heavy wind conditions to overcome. It likely went on much longer into the evening. The Bighorn Boss remained the dominant Male in this particular spot today.

Bighorn Sheep Ramping Up for the Rut

More Bighorn Rams are looking healthy and huge this year than many in the past. Some areas have more than a dozen Rams together that will begin to assert their dominance in hopes of creating new offspring next Spring, Fathered by superior genetics. Here are some of this year's Healthiest looking Bighorn Rams as well as some up and comers.

Bighorn Sheep are Absolute Units

Here are some special moments of Rams, Ewes and Lambs in Canada's Rocky Mountains.

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Bighorn Headbutting Battle in Canada's Rockies

Bighorn Sheep Boss Receives a Challenger During the Rutting Season

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Bighorn Sheep Ramping Up for the Rut

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